Hi! Ehm what?What did you say? Who I am? Why justvil? Well just because people used to have a problem pronouncing my name properly and I say “ok, just call me Vill. It is shortly William” – you know, just Vill… justvil…

Why a creative person? Because there are many ways to create. What? What do I mean? Well, I do not like only digital media as a GRAPHIC DESIGN. I love work analog too. I like to feel the pencil in my hand. And I don’t like sitting on my ass all day long. I need moving. Therefore you can see a lot of moving processes in my PHOTOGRAPHY. What else is missing? Yeah – HAND LETTERING. Hand lettering is something between digital and analog art… Something between graphic design and ILLUSTRATION what I love… This is another part of my creative world I like.

What more can I say? I am originally from Czechia. Czechia? It is actually the Czech Republic (don’t ask me more)… My Uni was focused on Visual Art and after my Uni graduating I spent years as a van-lifer traveling around the world (and I still love van-life!). Nice! But what more? ..Well as my creative life colorful is, my personal life is the same – e.g. summers I usually abroad by the ocean as a surf coach and in winter in mountains as a ski instructor…

You know what? Just email me for more questions about me, surfing, skiing, or what is more important – A CREATIVE cooperation. Are you interested in graphics design? Do you need a new logo or help with the visualization of your brand? Are you looking for a photographer for your event? Do you want to write a menu on the wall in your restaurant or make an empty wall look more interesting? Do you like my “ladies” illustrations and you’d like to have printed one on your wall? Cool! Just let me know!


for business inquiries or questions

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